Big bertha driver test

The new big bertha driver is so revolutionary, it deserves to carry one of the most legendary names in golf. The callaway great big bertha driver is easily one of the best we tested it flies straight and hits the hell out of the ball. The biggest big bertha from callaway is an all titanium driver that is larger than is popular predecessors. Callaway great big bertha driver returns with sliding weight track on back of. In order to achieve this, cg needed to be moved low and far back in the head, done by combining a titanium.

Thanks for watching and please do subscribe category. Callaway was calling upon its lineage for its 2016 driver release, following suit with cobra and the king. Whilst the first product to get the treatment was the callaway big bertha and big bertha alpha driver the v series gives us more big bertha, but this time with soul well actually i mean sole, as the v series features the return of the classic warbird contoured. Its called the fubuki zt shaft, and its designed to. Its our easiest to launch distance iron, and its led by our groundbreaking suspended energy core. Find golf club tradein and resales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the pga value guide, from leading manufacturers such as callaway, taylormade, taylor made, titleist, ping, odyssey, nike, cleveland, mizuno, cobra, adams, wilson. With the return of an old friend with the relaunch of big bertha driver in 20 it was surely only a matter of time before callaway delved back into the box marked iconic golf club names to bring us the great big bertha driver yes i am ancient enough to remember the first time round when the outrageously bigger 253cc version of the big bertha was the ground breaking driver of its time.

The big bertha vseries driver is up to 7 yards longer than the companys big bertha. I would have preferred to have shaft options that are offered with the alpha. The great big bertha is impressively low spinning for its high level of forgiveness. Big bertha v series driver club shaft if you thought that the callaway v series driver couldnt give you any more speed, then you were wrong. The first great big bertha was arguably one of the best drivers of the 20th century and callaway seems to think this line will stand the sands of time, as the new 2015 great big bertha has left no technology behind. The first hole is a pretty straight forward par 4 playing 377. I took the big bertha alpha to the course for my first spring round in mn and the ground was still fairly soft which i figured gave me a good test of how the distance of this driver was.

Below we will explain further what that means for you as a golfer and how it benefits your golf game. The callaway gbb epic series of drivers were unveiled in the united states in january. The big bertha family from callaway golf has a lot of history in the game of golf and in. As you can see, the big bertha v series is a nofrills driver. Depending on which shaft, the great big bertha can either play as a lighter weight driver designed. The clubhead is designed with a lighter weight 198 grams to provide more flexibility in shafts. The larger hitting surface improves performance for shots hit offcenter. Both are fitted with fubuki stiff flex shafts, 50gm and 65gm respectively. Recently i tested the new big bertha fusion driver. If you want something lower or higher, check out the selection of shafts. And were not talking about the original big bertha either. Two callaway drivers were tested head to head to head biggest big bertha and epic. The same has been true of gbb drivers that have followed since, too, as the gbb name continues to periodically be used by callaway. Seven golfers with handicaps ranging from 015 and driver swing speeds between 90 and 115 mph participated in this test.

Its faster, more robust and features our new adjustable perimeter weighting for maximum distance via total driver performance. However, testers are more taken with callaways other offering, the big bertha v series driver. The footprint is about what youd expect for a 460cc driver, and the proportions are well balanced. Introducing big bertha irons our easiest to launch distance iron. Mark hit the gravity core callaway alpha driver and talks about its many features and fitting options. A critical competitive advantage for callaway, big bertha alphas crown is made of this high strength, lightweight composite material. I did the exact same test two weeks ago between my biggest big bertha 8 vs. Callaway big bertha warbird i have been playin for a little over the year and have been shhotin in the mid to high 90s. Callaways new version, the 2016 model, of the great big bertha may be the driver of choice among the new equipment which. The big bertha driver is available in three different lofts. Its adjustability system is also effective, and simple to use. Big bertha alpha is the first driver to enable independent adjustments of four significant performance characteristics, optimizing trajectory, control and distance for individual golfers.

Both were tested at 9 loft epic weight slider in neutral position. Callaway great big bertha and big bertha alpha 816. Big bertha alpha has a new tour shaft offering from mitsubishi, who makes some of the most trusted shafts on tour. The crown is a gloss black with callaways trademark chevron alignment aid. The big bertha alpha was a first of its kind driver that allowed golfers to change the vertical center of gravity of the club. Over the last 10 years weve seen big advances in driver technology and this driver is full of it. It does have a draw bias, which some better players might shy away from, but in my case all i had to do is play around with the sliding weight a little bit to. Callaway expands adjustability with new great big bertha. In my study the distance gains of the 2 newer drivers were about 5 yards and that was due to the fact that the bbb had a lot more spin. The thinner, stronger titanium allows more discretionary weight to lower the center of gravity to promote a higher initial launch angle.

Callaways great big bertha ii 415 driver liveabout. See if callaway big bertha alpha driver will improve your golf game and make you a much better golfer. Lets face it, the driver is the sexiest club in the bag, and the new callaway big bertha alpha driver doesnt disappoint. Callaway golf big bertha family golf clubs official. This results in a deeper centre of gravity cog location for longer and straighter offcentre shots, as well as optimum ball flight and. Callaways jailbreak technology has appealed to and satisfied golfers of all ages and skill levels. This iron features the thinnest cupface in company history to maximize ball speed off the. The callaway big bertha driver is one of the most forgiving drivers weve ever hit. This bad boy has a number of bells and whistles that will make any player happy.

The sound and feel of the big bertha alpha are most similar to one of my favorite drivers of 20, callaways ft optiforce. Times like this i wish the blink tag hadnt been deprecated. The xr driver provides a solid combination of midlaunching shots, forgiveness and respectable distance. Callaway 2015 great big bertha driver 2nd swing golf. When it comes to assisting golfers, callaway has always made an effort. The return of perhaps the most iconic name in the companys history was met with great success. The four independent variables are loft, lie, cg draw bias, and most innovatively cg height. This driver is designed to improve three things golfers struggle with. The new big bertha has transformed the super gameimprovement iron category.

The alpha gives a feeling more akin to a forged iron than a hard titaniumfaced metal wood. Callaway has been going back to its roots lately with the big bertha name, the sir isaac character and quoting physics everywhere. And they have been a sizzling seller throughout the market in 2017. Both are great clubs, easy and forgiving and shafts promote a pretty high ball flight. But like the original gbb, callaways great big bertha ii 415 titanium driver was a big seller. The callaway great big bertha is a driver that can be fitted to a wide variety of golfers. With the return of an old friend with the relaunch of big bertha driver in. The new big bertha came with a fubuki shaft that i feel is a little light weight for the driver. As designer alan hocknell explained to us recently, the x2 hot has the weighting and moi effectively preset and is therefore cheaper, but will give a pretty similar. The 2015 great big bertha has tech like no other, featuring callaways next gen rmoto face, a. Volgend voorjaar lanceert callaway nieuwe big bertha ijzers en hybrides.

The big bertha 2019 hybrid by callaway features jailbreak technology as well as a hyper speed face cup. I was able to get this on the driving range and for 2 12 rounds. With the new big bertha, callaway promises the most advanced driver that theyve ever created. The original big bertha driver was tested in 10 degrees with a stock true temper memphis 10 steel shaft, while the new great big bertha driver was tested in 10. First, a thin, lightweight face keeps mishits from.

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